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Hello and Welcome!

As you can see, we are exactly what we say we are. We're your smash room one-stop shop for all the electronics/breakables you need to make your rage room a successful one. We're reliable & have unlimited amount of inventory to supply the demand of this ever growing business.

SmashRoom Inventory is a Minos Tech Co. We are an e-waste company based out of South Carolina that receives hundreds of obsolete technology daily from IT providers around the world. Part of our mission towards sustainability is to make sure these pieces don't end up in landfills and get a second if not a third life. 


So,THANK YOU for buying from us and giving this old tech an extra life. Not only are you saving them from going directly to the landfill and supporting our sustainability mission but you are contributing to your customers mental well-being by helping them distress as they go wild in YOUR smash rooms.

Its a win-win! 📦 ♻️ 


Nate L.

Raleigh. NC

"Great variety, and fast shipping! What else do you need? Get your things here.

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